Virtual Machines

Whatever your requirement for a virtual machine, Azure can provide the answer. At Transparity, we have experts that have extensive experience of designing, implementing and rolling out virtual machine solutions for all different workloads.

Azure Virtual Machines have support for a huge number of pre-built workload solutions, such as Windows Server, Linux SQL Server, Oracle, IBM and SAP to provide you with unequalled flexibility.

Whatever your requirement – from extending your existing datacentre to full cloud migrations – Transparity can help.

Take a look at the Microsoft Datacentre Video Below…

Create Linux and Windows or other virtual machines in seconds

Virtual Machines can be created from pre-built template OS images or from bespoke images that you have created yourself. In addition Azure has a massive ‘Marketplace’ full of machine images complete with partner software solutions enabling you to get up and running really quickly whilst reducing the burden of configuration.

Wide support for Open-Source Community Solutions

One in four of existing virtual machines on Azure already run Linux. This showcases the fully fledged support that Microsoft Azure has for open-source technologies and their commitment to enabling such services to flourish within the Azure landscape.

Deploy a full range of open-source and community-driven software solutions right on Azure. Choose from a full range of Linux distributions such as Red Hat, Ubuntu, SUSE and community-driven solutions such as Chef, Puppet and Docker. Deploy virtual machines for other products such as Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server.

Only pay for what you use with Azure per-minute billing

Microsoft Azure allows you to quickly deploy infrastructures and services to meet all your business needs. You can run Windows and Linux-based applications in 40 Azure data centre regions, delivered along with enterprise-grade SLAs.

  • No upfront costs
  • Pay only for what you use
  • No termination fees
  • Per-minute billing
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