Looking for a solution for those ever increasing file servers?

Is backup of legacy data becoming a real issue?

Need both drive letter and iSCSI file serving?

Then take a loom at StorSimple with Transparity … we can explain and demonstrate the options available, features, costs and benefits in order that you are able to make an informed decision on whether this file solution suits your needs as part of your overall plans.

Automate file management between cloud and on-premise

Manage your data growth more effectively—StorSimple can automatically archive inactive primary data from on-premises to the cloud to create effortless capacity expansion. Remove the need for separate backup infrastructures with cloud snapshots that provide off-site data protection, and eliminate the need for remote replication of data to a secondary datacenter with cloud storage. Shift your focus from capacity purchases and infrastructure maintenance to meeting business needs.

Accelerate disaster recovery and improve compliance and backup

Get reliable and rapid disaster recovery, even for very large volumes. By using software policies instead of tape rotations or backup system capacity, StorSimple gives you immediate data availability during a partial or full disaster recovery. Applications come up faster to accelerate overall recovery and potentially help to save millions of dollars in recovered productivity costs. Most importantly, StorSimple allows you to fine-tune and fix gaps by testing data recovery, and it ensures compliance with corporate policies for data retention and disaster recovery without disrupting daily datacenter operations.

Manage data growth effectively - aid effortless capacity expansion

Microsoft Azure StorSimple meets the needs of performance- and capacity-centric applications, and gives you a complete hybrid cloud storage solution for enterprises. It’s the best of both worlds—physical arrays for deployments in datacenters and virtual arrays for smaller enterprise environments like remote and branch offices, which require network-attached storage (NAS). Its on-demand infrastructure means you don’t need to set up or maintain costly on-premises equipment for new or special projects. Also, by using local storage for performance, you have the flexibility to retain all volume data locally.

Utilise physical or virtual variations to help businesses of any size

Depending on your specific requirements, Transparity can advise on both physical and virtual StorSimple devices. Enabling massive scaling of storage within tour environment, along with the benefit of enabling enhanced availability, backup and DR options – StorSimple is a technology not to be missed.

Let Transparity show you what StorSimple can offer in conjunction with our experts.

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