Azure Backup

Azure Backup is a simple and cost-effective backup-as-a-service (BaaS) solution that gives you trusted tools on premises with rich and powerful tools in the cloud. It delivers strong protection for customer data wherever it resides – in your enterprise data centre, remote and branch offices or the public cloud – while being sensitive to the unique requirements these scenarios pose. Azure Backup, in a seamless portal experience with Azure Site Recovery, gives you cost efficiency and minimal maintenance, consistent tools for offsite backups and operational recovery, and unified application availability and data protection.

99.9% availability service level agreement

Your backup data is highly secure both over the wire and when it’s at rest. The backup data is stored in geo-replicated storage which maintains six copies of your data across two Azure data centres. With 99.9% service availability, Backup gives you operational peace of mind. Transparity delivers Azure backup successfully to many clients – talk to us about how we can help you. 

Unified solution for data on-premise and in the Azure cloud

Use Azure backup to protect workloads both in the cloud and on-premise and to ease your backup headaches.

The entire backup process is efficient, both over the network and on your disk. Once the initial seeding is complete, only incremental changes are sent at a defined frequency. Built-in features such as compression, encryption, longer retention and bandwidth throttling help boost the backup and IT efficiency.

Peace of mind with Azure Cloud Backups

Efficient and quick incremental backups by design

Due to business or compliance requirements, organisations are required to protect their data for years, and over time the data grows exponentially. Traditionally, tape has been used for long-term retention. Backup gives you a compelling alternative to tape with significant cost savings, shorter recovery times and up to 99 years of retention.

Match this with fast backups which are incremental in nature and you start to have a really reliant and efficient cloud backup solution.

Geo-replicated backup store

Azure Backup offers two types of replication: 

  • Locally redundant storage (LRS) replicates your data three times (it creates three copies of your data) in a paired datacenter in the same region. LRS is a low-cost option for protecting your data from local hardware failures.
  • Geo-redundant storage (GRS) replicates your data to a secondary region (hundreds of miles away from the primary location of the source data). GRS costs more than LRS, but GRS provides a higher level of durability for your data, even if there is a regional outage. (6 copies of your data)

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